What Can Adults Only Do in 10 Minutes Or Less That Will Give Great Pleasure

Apologies if you were expecting an expose on the hedonistic fantasies of the flesh, as enjoyed by those who need a hedonistic fantasy world. Here we discuss the sheer pleasure of being with just one other, your chosen partner (who you may well not have met yet but could do, quite soon)

This article is about normal adults only, revelling in each other’s company for a while in a location and setting that will trigger every possible emotion. It’s a time for being with the one you love or even the person you just want to be with. It might also be a time for meeting that person that you will want to be with. The choice is yours, as adults. There is always the possibility of other Adult company if you really want it but essentially, this is a time for couples to be on your own, without ‘kids’.

Did you notice that, today, everything revolves around flaming ‘kids’, not that we don’t love and treasure our flaming ‘kids’ but admit it, they are a ‘pain in the butt’ most of the time, demanding total attention and always, your money. You can do without their total dependence yet pseudo rejection for a while. This is a Time for You. How about a going away for a couple of days, a week or more, to somewhere, different, luxurious, reasonably priced, where Adults Only are not only welcomed but actively encouraged. There may well be young people there but they will be behaving like, Adults.

Think of it; what could you do in 10 minutes or less that will affect you and your partner’s whole life instantaneously. You can book a break away, just for you two, or just maybe with some special friends who you know will be good company. What do you fancy?

- Good Food & Drink, served in style in a grand hotel at a location of choice

- Music and Dance or maybe dancing lessons? Tango, Waltz or Line Dancing

- A Golf Break where your partner joins in or is totally happy not to Ø Horse Riding, Walking, Fishing, Clay Shooting or Sailing

- A good Pampering in a spa location of choice, aren’t you relaxing already?

- Racing, Shopping, Museums, Air Balloons, Psychic Event or even Ghosts

- Possibly meeting a future partner at an Event Night in a beautiful setting Be inspired to try something new or just revisit what was and could be again.